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Default 802.11b and Red Hat 8.0

Has anyone managed to get any sort of 802.11b networking going smoothly on RH8.0? I have a Linksys WUSB11 (v.2.6), which uses the Atmel driver ( I've compiled and installed the driver, and gotten the network up and running. I run into problems when I try to set it up to automatically connect on reboot. For some reason, iwconfig seems to have problems with a 128-bit WEP key. All the other settings seem to work fine (ESSID, rate, channel, mode,m etc.). I can use the utility that comes with the drivers, but that sort of takes the automatic out of it. I've tried hacking up the drivers a bit, but I just managed to crash the system. :P

I tried it on Mandrake 9.0, but I couldn't even get it up and running (which is a bit sad, 'cause I've been a fan of Mandrake since the 7.0 days...). I've had the most success with Red Hat 8.0 (and Blue Curve is just soooooo sweet). But dang it, I just want the bloody thing to start when I boot! Serves me right for getting a USB 802.11b dongle, eh?

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