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Default Re: *** Official Guild Wars Thread ***

Originally Posted by Vagrant Zero
I bought a standard 15-22 from somone online. I had a fire sword hilt [salvaged from a previous sword] that I then appiled to the sword thus making it do fire elemental damage instead of phyiscal damage. I figure this is better than using a fiery dragon sword since that thing gives away the fact you're doing elemental damage and is big flashing neon sign in pvp asking people to gangbang you.

Right now I'm looking for more upgrade component, namely 20% damage when health above 50 and extra armor.

I will really like to understand How can you upgrade your weapons or armour using salvage/crafting . i know that if you give in the city the craftman what he ask.. Rock+wood+gold .. the you will get the weapon. But people say that you can improve you weapons or amrmour using "modifiers" and "RUnes"..

CAn anyone explain ,me in detail this? ANy link that shows step by step how this work will be more than apreciated. THe manuals of this game are terrible.. There is so much things not explained and it looks that im not alone here.. because I ask others online ,and they also doesnt know how to Improve their weapons. How to get Modifiers or RUnes. Aparently read somewhere you can aslo "unlock" skills with some CHAR crafting materials.

So really really interesed to learn how to do this.. I understand that in Post searing levels (im still in pre-searing) all that salvage Wood/granite/paper/iron/steel will be used to create new armour .. So i already have TOns of Wood/paper/Irons .. In the North Wall whenver you kill chars ,they usually drop crafting materials..that have specs of ARmour 23 or so..and info that says (for crafting and upgrade weapons) but when i salvage the items, with my salvage kit ,the only thing i get is more of the same Squares/cloth/Iron etc.. i already have almost a hundred of each one.. dont need more..

Noticed that some items are undentified. ,when you use the identification kit , the info is upgraded with New abilities.. like (fast atacks ,improve swordmanship..etc) How to use that ? because the only thing my salvage kit do is destroy items in wood,paper,cloth and so on..

any help apreciatted

BTw.. i desperately need a new Bag.. have almost no room for anything.. i have the Backpack and "beltpouch" so if there anyway to carry more . in pre-searing let me know.
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