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Default Re: *** Official Guild Wars Thread ***

Basics of upgrading weapons/armor:

1) You need to Identifation Kit
2) Enemies will drop Blue, Puprle, or Gold items.
3) Use kits on these items to identify exactly what they are. Example, you identify a tribale blade that turns out to have Fire dmg and +4 armor against physical attacks. That means it has 2 upgrade components, the hilt which is giving the fire dmg, and the pommel which is adding +4 armor.
4) Use an EXPERT salvage kit to salvage the colored items.
5) Sometimes you'll get nothing, otherwise you can get 1 OF THE 2 upgrade items. Either the fire dmg hilt or the +4 pommel, it's random which you get.
6) Once salvaged you'll get an item called [example] fire dmg hilt, you can then click on this item and apply it to another weapon [as long as they are the same type, ie sword hilt only for swords] thus giving that weapon fire dmg.

As for getting new bags, not in pre-searing.
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