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Default Re: *** Official Guild Wars Thread ***

Originally Posted by Vagrant Zero
Basics of upgrading weapons/armor:

1) You need to Identifation Kit
2) Enemies will drop Blue, Puprle, or Gold items.
3) Use kits on these items to identify exactly what they are. Example, you identify a tribale blade that turns out to have Fire dmg and +4 armor against physical attacks. That means it has 2 upgrade components, the hilt which is giving the fire dmg, and the pommel which is adding +4 armor.
4) Use an EXPERT salvage kit to salvage the colored items.
5) Sometimes you'll get nothing, otherwise you can get 1 OF THE 2 upgrade items. Either the fire dmg hilt or the +4 pommel, it's random which you get.
6) Once salvaged you'll get an item called [example] fire dmg hilt, you can then click on this item and apply it to another weapon [as long as they are the same type, ie sword hilt only for swords] thus giving that weapon fire dmg.

As for getting new bags, not in pre-searing.

I suppose that the expert kit only exist in Post-searing

i have an item dropped by the Char that someone gave me ,, it says.


AXE FIEND ARMOUR of Minor Swordmanship
Improve Swordmanship
"Use salvage tools to produce crafting materials and upgrade components"
THe thing is that i dont know how to use that.. to "improve swordmanship" perhaps this is a hidden skill ?

if i use the salvage kit as the item suggest , the only thing i get is crafting material like Iron ,cloth. etc..

Interestingly used the identification kit , in anon indetified item this time. found by me ,with similar intructions.. and a window appeared with anew never seen SKill .. asking me to accept... by accident declined..: and never saw again the skill.. all this happened by just using the identification kit.

THen i used the salvage kit to see if i could recover the new skill again. And all i got was a crappy piece of cloth..

So i will like to know how this works because it looks that you also can get SKills from items. it will be very nice if someone can help me with this.
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