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First of all, what game are you trying to run? I can say from experience (as a subscriber of better than a year), many games don't work in winex.

Even when 3d support is working, many (or most) games don't work at all with winex, check the games database at, see if others have gotten your game to work.

Have you posted to the transgaming forums? They're far more likely to be able to help than here. Be sure to include what game you're running and what version of winex you're using, in addition to what you've provided here. If you're using cvs and are running a supported game, I suggest subscribing and getting an official package.

Output from regular wine probably won't be much help, unless you're planning on running it in regular wine, especially if it *must* be the 3d, winehq's wine and transgaming's wine are quite different, particularly when it comes to 3d support.
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