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hmmm, ok then, I had problems similar to this a while ago, there were two issues.

Since you're running SuSE 7.3, I'd guess your glibc is < 2.3, but if not, you'll need winex 2.2.1 to have any hope of working. I got an error about ntdll (which I noticed in your backtrace) but maybe the glibc compile options mentioned by bwkaz keeps you from getting an error?)

That was one of my problems, the other had to do with my 3d drivers, if you've made any changes to your installed packages recently, (between now and when you could get games to work in winex, if ever) then I recommend you remove those rpms, and install the tarballs fresh. I'd apt-gotten mesa/glut, installed from tarball, then apt-get upgraded over some apparently critical files for the nvidia drivers, strangely glxgears etc was working though.

I can also suggest the most often suggested fix on the TG forums. Have you tried running as a fresh user/with a fresh winex config? Like windows (only worse), wine/winex can get awfully messed up as you install programs/new dlls. Maybe a clean slate is all you need?
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