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Default Re: *** Official Guild Wars Thread ***

Originally Posted by Vagrant Zero
Using a normal salvage kit will yeild you nothing. Using an Expert Salvage kit would probabley have gotten you an Minor Rune of Swordmanship. And yes they are post-searing. And no you can't get skills from items. Those are learned/bought.

Thanks So much.. you'r the MAn

have unlocked more SKills using the identification kit.. Someone also told me the those items are to be used post searing with the EXPERT kit and have a chance to get a RUne..

however im curious about why some crafting items have their names writen in purple colors and others in white.. looks like there is a purpose for that.

in another note.. Reading in FOrums heard about a special Skill that you can use to "steal " and learn the enemy foes skill.. it takes a couple of seconds and both you and the foe need to be alive until the skill is captured..Looks like an aswesome skills.. looking to get my hands on it.. if anyone knows where to find it.. drop me a hint.
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