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Arrow Re: Upcoming MSI 6800 SLI Review

A request:
In your MSI 6800 review, I'd like a mention of
(1) clarity of VGA vs [VGA from DVI-VGA adapter]
(2) clarity of MSI VGA analog vs other brands VGA analog.

I've become sensitive to VGA clarity when I have to sit in front of an analog CRT. I have two identical 21" CRTs, and most video cards have one VGA port that looks good on both displays, and one port that sucks on both displays.

This is very frustrating, since it means I have to use 1 AGP and 1 PCI card for an acceptable dual-display CRT setup. If the MSI cards you're reviewing have same-quality VGA on both ports, then I would not have to buy both SLI cards right away to have an acceptable dual-display desktop.

Thanks for consideration.
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