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Default Re: FreeBSD-amd64 driver ?

I finally jumped through all of the hoops to register. I hope you're not only looking at the 40+ posts to this thread, because there are also 2700+ views. That demonstrates considerable market demand for a 64-bit FreeBSD driver.

Don't underestimate your non-windoze geek customers. We can have a huge impact on the swing of the market. If ATI came out with full 64-bit FreeBSD support tomorrow, there would be a few thousand BSD customers switching to ATI and screaming at their windows friends to switch also. Who do those people listen to more, the PC Gamer ads or their geek friend down the street that does "magical" things with his/her BSD box? Ok, the magazine ads probably, but we can still have an influence.

Maybe a amd64 FreeBSD mailing list petition would help....

btw, how does the ATI 3D work on 64-bit FreeBSD? I've seen people switching on the bsdforums, but I can't imagine how well it works.
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