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Default Gefore 4 ti4600 > HDTV > Samsung WS-32Z308P

Hi I am a total newbie with HDTV,
I bought Samsung's new WS-32Z308P hdtv-enabled TV.
Now I want to make windows xp send a hdtv-Signal to my TV.
(I only get 800x600 at 60Hz via TV-Out)

My video card is a GeForce4 Ti4600 with the Conexant CX25871
My Tv does NOT have DVI but only analog inputs. (YUV component, not RGB!)

(I think I need to to go the internal DVI-I but as the TV only has COMPONENT YUV, I need to make it output as YUV... or use a transcoder

P.S I know I should search but I searched for hours and am simply frustrated
Got my new TV and wanted ONLY to display HDTV! (It appeared so easy to me...)
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