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Default Re: Gefore 4 ti4600 > HDTV > Samsung WS-32Z308P

You need dvi on your card to get full hd potential...I believe svideo is a max of 1024x768 and text is blurry that way and colors are not as good.
some of the older hdtvs had a vga slot I think but if you have anything recent they don't. My 46"sony hdtv didn't even had dvi but rather an hdmi plugin. So I went and bought a 150 dollar monster cable that converted dvi(from my 6800) to hdmi. It looks absolutely stunning and text is quite readable and colors are extremely good.
You are probably going to have to get a card that has dvi.
also you pretty much have to get games that support odd widescreen resolutions because if you don't they will look like crap as they won't scale so well. But the games that do work look absolutely stunning.
Go here for good info (
BTW there are also component converters you can buy for around 200 dollars that will work. Just search on google for them they exist. I almost got one.
You should have an hdmi plugin though if your tv is a recent design.
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