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Default Re: My Indepth Comparison of WoW verses EQ2.

I recently switched over from EQ2 to WoW. I made it to a lvl 35 Berserker, had a great guild and really tried to like the game. I did heritage quests and everything but I always had some major issues with EQ2. I posted lots of long forum messages and really tried to stay but in the end I switched to WoW and you know what? I had more fun in WoW in the first 2 days then I did in months of EQ2! Really, so much is better for me in WoW. I've got a lvl 30 Warlock and it's great.
Although I don't think I would have realized how much better WoW is if I hadn't tried EQ2 first.

Main issues: (very brief version)

1. Art Style (powerful engine, horrible art direction, just look at the armor and weapons)
2. Music (technically well composed, horrible direction and placement) (changed it all when I played)
3.Quests (long camps, bad rewards, always need a healer/no solo, uninspired lore and quest interaction, unfun items)
4. No out of group interaction (sterile world)
5. Lots of bugs, especially with character skills

I did like the depth of game mechanics, SOE frequent attempts at fixes, and my guild (great bunch, one of the reasons I stayed as long as I did)

I checked out the expansion at E3, and some things are better, but unfortunately not enough to bring me back. I'll keep my eye on the game as it moves forward and if enough is "fixed" maybe I'll give it another shot. In the mean time it's all WoW for me!
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