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Default Re: *** Official World of Warcraft Thread ***

Originally Posted by UDawg
I had the single worst time on WoW since I began. I was on a Baron raid and asked if the hunters would pull and trap, I like to use the rolls and sweep through the instance. I know Baron is not tough but still it is fun when everyone does their job in a orderly fashion. Well a rogue said I am the MT and don't be stupid. Ok I knew then this was going to turn out bad.

I pulled a couple of mobs and it was ok then I pull a ghost and the priest let me died and thought it was funny. Then the priest run up and was pulling things left and right and really wanted to blow through this. So I'm trying to keep up and getting pissed at the same time. I win a thorium lockbox and the rogue who said I was stupid said he would not open it for me. This is after the priest let me die another time. I asked if there was a problem and they said I sucked and was a moron. They would not explain why I was being the butt of their jokes.

Well it turns out that the priest was on a raid with me once and had a bad experience with me. Ok things happen but adults sort issues out and move on but not these kids. They never said what I did wrong. The only thing I can think of is the time I accidentaly ninja looted the shadow skin or what ever it was in Sholo by mistake. Yes it was a stupid mistake but it happens and I appologized but they keed calling me name and i told them to knock it off. There are a few other times when stupid players tried to screw me out of loot I won but I don't think that was it. Basically I don't start crap but if people are going to be pricks I will leave teh party or just fire back at them.

After the 3rd time dying I said to the leader it seems you guys don't want me in the group. You could have told me instead of letting this go on. So I HS and left. He then cussed me out for leaving but the priest left before me and that pissed them off. I said you have no basis to be pissed at me for leaving, you as the leader of teh group let this go on. Then the stupid rogue started jawing at me in private saying I sucked and other 15 year old insults. I guess this is what happens when you let children play game. In fact it happens ever time a child get ahold of the internet and I really am tired of it.

BTW the guild that hates me is called Just Crusade on Elune. They are know to be a bunch of kids who are pricks. The funny thing is they would not be pulling this crap if any of us were at a lan with them. LOL I would be throw in jail for stuffing 20 guild members in a closet.

Basically I have had enough of stupid kids who emberass their parents with thier childish behavior. I quit WoW for good.
That's a sad story, a similar thing happened to me (same age group). Other than that, I just got sick of the incompetance of waiting for people, just to find out (through follow up's) that they decided to do something else. I quit my guild around lvl 30 and have been solo since, even avoiding people to an extent. I wish there was an age icon above they're heads.
Anyway, at lvl 60 I'll try a guild again, by that time, I won't be so worried about wasting time.
For sure It'll be an adult guild.
I've been looking though the guild forums on my server (lightbringer) at WOW's site, for some.
Some seem promising.
I don't think you should totally give up though, I'd go solo for a while, look at the game from a not so critical angle. One thing is for sure though, there are alot of kids in the game (My 11 year old daughter for one =), As a 39 year old, I know that they are still learning too. You know quickly who they are through. I've noticed that certain races appeal to kids too, such as the rouge, so I'm weary about joining a group of them (expecially constantly jumping ones). You know, I wish there were meeting stones for adult guilds.
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