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Default Help With Asus V9980 Ultra

Ive had this card for quite a while, but never realy played with overclocking it. It uses the FX5950 Ultra chipset.

My PC is getting a bit older now, and I tend to play more with overclocking - knowing a new one would not be a hardship

I decided to overclock this card first, push it a bit to see if it improves much. Not interested in seriously OCing it to the point of burning it out, but a bit of a performace improvement would be nice.

After cleaning out the old driver, I updated to latest NV release, 71.89. I then tried NVTweak to display the OCing panel on settings. All was ok.

Benchmarked at the current settings and got 6014 3dmark03.

Hit the manual OC button, but changed nothing. Let at default settings.

Instantly noticed a slow down in windows graphics, and running 3dmark confirmed it was really slow - a score of 500!. Turned manual OC off, rebooted and PC was back to normal.

Tried the latest Asus own driver next, after uninstalling NV forceware. Wouldnt even boot under it - but then I stopped using Asus drivers before as they made the machine constantly blue screen when I bought it.

Uninstall, look at forums... find some info, and install NV 61.77 driver - even used driverclean. 61.77 according to some forums is meant to be the optimal driver for 5950u. Ran 3dmark and got 6044, followed by aquamark score of 42778.

This time I installed rivatuner. Turned on OCing and rebooted. Same slowdown - didnt run either bencharks though, but it seems the second you turn OCing on in software, it throttles the card. temp remains about the normal. Its a relatively new install of windows and as I said, you get this by simply clicking a button on settings to allow you to change clock speeds. not by changing them away from defaults. While its slowed down, 3dmark still reports clock speeds at what they are apparently set at.

Any ideas?

PC is a XP3200 (running at 207/11) with 1 gig corsair 3200 mem on a Asus A7N8X-D board.

Any help would be apreciated.
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