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Smile re-geforcve4 t1 4200+MD8.1 fault

I am not worthy, I have finally got my card to work.

I did have a file problem with my /etc/mtab missing which I fixed,
same fault with the driver, however as per bwkaz's suggestion
I removed the NVdriver, re-made and installed, same fault, I checked the driver was correct, it was, version 3123, however the loaded version reported a lower number. I found a NVdriver.o.gz under the ../drivers/char dir, I renamed this and reloaded the NVdriver and success.

However I wonder what the driver uder the char dir was, any clues?

This may be why some other folks have the same problem, prev to installing I did remove the nv drivers, however I msiised this one for soem reason.

Many, many thanks to Bwkaz
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