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NVdriver.o.gz? WTF is Mandrake thinking?

Do you happen to know where that file came from? I never got that when I was using Mandrake 8.1, though I'm not sure why.

It seems to be an old driver that some package (a Mandrake-installed package, or not, I don't know) thought you needed. But why was it under kernel/drivers/char? No idea... And why was it named NVdriver.o.gz? The .o makes it sound like whoever made it thought they would "help" nVidia by making the name "properly-formed" -- which isn't necessary, it's just the way the rest of the modules are named. The .gz makes it sound like they also gzipped the driver (actually, this is almost assuredly what they did), which is usually something distros do.

But again, it never did that to me...
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