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Default Slackware 8.1 - nvidia driver...

I have a lot of problems by configuring the x-window in slackware 8.1. My monitor is really old and I didn't know my horizontal and vertical range, so I installed redhat and I noticed my horizontal range is 31.5 - 48.5 and my vertical 50 - 70. First I tried with the nv and it didn't work. Then I tried with the nvidia and i have this error: No drivers available. No screens were found. I've tried with the and it says that the modules are not loaded. I try to load it with intmod but it doesn't work.
I have a P3 866Mhz 128Mb with a NVidia G-force MX 400/400. I've tried all but I don't know what I do wrong. What can I do???
Sorry because of my english...
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