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yes, here i have copyed and pasted what happens if i go to run a game. I need the wineX registry and ****.

[root@mdoc-km-244-55-249 root]# cd /mnt
[root@mdoc-km-244-55-249 mnt]# ls
cdrom cdrom1 floppy windows
[root@mdoc-km-244-55-249 mnt]# cd windows
[root@mdoc-km-244-55-249 windows]# ls
boot.ini IO.SYS Program Files WUTemp
Documents and Settings NTDETECT.COM System Volume Information
epson ntldr Temp
[root@mdoc-km-244-55-249 windows]# cd program files
bash: cd: program: No such file or directory
[root@mdoc-km-244-55-249 windows]# cd Program\ Files/
[root@mdoc-km-244-55-249 Program Files]# ls
Ahead Microsoft ActiveSync Trillian
Common Files microsoft frontpage Uninstall Information
ComPlus Applications Microsoft Office Viewpoint
Diablo II Movie Maker Warcraft III
DivX MSN Windows Media Player
EPSON MSN Gaming Zone Windows NT
FlashFXP MSN Messenger WindowsUpdate
Intel NetMeeting xerox
Internet Explorer Online Services XviD
KaZaA Lite Outlook Express Zone Labs
Messenger RivaTuner
[root@mdoc-km-244-55-249 Program Files]# cd Warcraft\ III/
[root@mdoc-km-244-55-249 Warcraft III]# ls icons-WAR3.bni Mss32.dll support worldedit.exe
bncache.dat ijl15.dll Patch.txt war3.exe World Editor.exe
BNUpdate.exe LastReplay.w3g redist War3Inst.log
bnupdate.log License.txt replay war3.mpq
Errors Maps save War3Patch.mpq
game.dll Movies Storm.dll Warcraft III.exe
[root@mdoc-km-244-55-249 Warcraft III]# wine war3.exe
Could not stat /root/.transgaming/c_drive (No such file or directory), ignoring
drive C:
Invalid path 'c:\windows' for windows directory: does not exist
Perhaps you have not properly edited or created your Wine configuration file.
This is (supposed to be) '/root/.wine/config'
[root@mdoc-km-244-55-249 Warcraft III]#
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