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Originally posted by lmetza
Could not stat /root/.transgaming/c_drive (No such file or directory), ignoring
drive C:
Invalid path 'c:\windows' for windows directory: does not exist
Perhaps you have not properly edited or created your Wine configuration file.
Couple of things. First, DON'T run things as root if at all possible -- including games. If the game maker decides to put a buffer overflow into the game, and someone in multiplayer decides to use that to take over your computer, your Wine process is hosed. If there are also bugs in wine (it is alpha, after all), your kernel is at risk. If you're running as a user, your kernel will have to be OK. Granted, it's a long shot, but I'm paranoid.

Second, as I saw someone say a while ago, Linux error messages are not like Windows cryptic error messages. What you want to do is exactly what the error says: "perhaps you have not properly edited your config file". The exact part to edit will be the part referenced by the first error: "no such file or directory".

Your config file's [Drive C] section's Path entry is still the default. This needs to be changed to the real base path of a Windows C drive. From your output, your Windows C drive is /mnt/windows.
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