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Default Re: FreeBSD+Xorg+KDE+7174 freezes if the "RenderAccel" is "true"

If it Xids under FreeBSD too the bug must be definitely in or nvidia driver.
Let me think:

It Xids more if NvAGP is set to 1 (now I've played ET with AGP GART for more than 3 hours w/o crashes!). probably doesn't directly depend on AGP GART or nvidia AGP. So the bug must be in the nvidia driver.

Yeah but:

Xid is little bit confusing. NVidia's code may look like this (if it is in C++...):
	catch(const UniversalException& e)
		printk("<%d>NVRM: Xid %d: %08x %08x %08x\n", KERN_ERR, e.code, e.a, e.b, e.c);
		while(rand() > 20);
If Xid is a totally universal error, the bug may be in nvidia and too
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