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Default Wine 20030115???

Has anyone tried Wine 20030115.

WHAT'S NEW with Wine-20030115:
* Much better header files compatibility in Winelib.
* A ton of Direct3D work.
* Many improvements in sound support.
* New wineboot tool to simulate a Windows reboot.
* Lots of bug fixes.

*A ton of Direct3D work, does that mean DirectX???
Or will i still need wineX 221?

Can i have both installed on the same system, latley ive only been trying to get WineX working, but no luck yet. Im confuffled.
Which would be better? wineX221.tar.gz (off a website) or wineX from CVS or Wine 20030115?
Please let me know, i am still new to linux and i wanna get warcraft 3, UT2003, rtcw working on my system. i followed the guide from
to install wineX and i ended up with stupid Config file blablabla and yada yada yada, its posted in my other posts (the error) and stuff about C/windows/system32 being invalid blablabla.
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