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Default Re: FreeBSD+Xorg+KDE+7174 freezes if the "RenderAccel" is "true"

Originally Posted by SuLinUX
We did you get the idea that GTK is not as advanced as QT, the theming is far superiour and RENDER has been used in GTK for sometime now.
* No z-ordering at all
* no lazy painting algorythms
* over-locking through trying to provide a tread-safe library
* no intelligent dirty-area handling

I am not a fan of QT, this is just compared to many toolkits out there (lets say fox-toolkit, qt, win32, ...) GTK performs terrible due to its design.
There exist several papers from Gnome hackers about this problems and suggestions for a fix. I really hope that things will become better in GTK-3.0.

lg Clemens
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