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Default Re: FreeBSD+Xorg+KDE+7174 freezes if the "RenderAccel" is "true"

Originally Posted by Linuxhippy
* No z-ordering at all
* no lazy painting algorythms
* over-locking through trying to provide a tread-safe library
* no intelligent dirty-area handling

I am not a fan of QT, this is just compared to many toolkits out there (lets say fox-toolkit, qt, win32, ...) GTK performs terrible due to its design.
There exist several papers from Gnome hackers about this problems and suggestions for a fix. I really hope that things will become better in GTK-3.0.

lg Clemens
Thats not the point, you can talk about code all day but the fact is that GNOME/GTK works much better with xcompmgr and Renderaccl. KDE/QT is very unstable with xcompmgr, logining out when loading up konqueror or other kde fuctionallity. If you want a discussion about KDE/GNOME theming then lets start another thread but there is no contest when it comes to theming and installing them, see GTK2 themes , QT you have to compile themes (unless you can find RPMS for them)
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