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Default Re: FreeBSD+Xorg+KDE+7174 freezes if the "RenderAccel" is "true"

Originally Posted by SuLinUX
GNOME/GTK works much better with xcompmgr and Renderaccl.
Perhaps so, but personally I don't care. I keep composite enabled, but only use it for the occasional screenshot. When I want to show off "real" transparency, then I simply launch kompmgr, enable the trans settings in window prefs, take a ss, then disable the settings and kill kompmgr. Maybe that's too much effort for some people, but I don't find it much of a bother considering how often I do so (not very).

We did you get the idea that GTK is not as advanced as QT, the theming is far superiour
How is it superior? Be warned -- If you so much as mention the word "usability," I'm going to shoot your ass with a tranq dart.

FWIW, I prefer KDE themes largely because the widgets and the coloring are separate. Thus, I can use any widget design that I like and choose to color it how ever I will. I can't (easily) do that with GTK themes.
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