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Default hick-ups when redrawing 1M-face object using VBO on FreeBSD

I have 6800GT card, using 7174 driver on FreeBSD 5.3-STABLE.
I am drawing an object with 1 million triangles, having normals and colors.

Using vertex arrays, ie. only submit the object once into the card, then only submit commands to draw it. 1M-face object is split into ~10 VBO arrays that are submitted separately.

Drawing itself looks fine, but other real-time programs are having hick-ups when OpenGL window is redrawn. Ex. audio-player sounds like it gets interrupted when I move any other window over OpenGL window causing it to redraw ~10 times/sec.

Seems like something very expensive is done in the background when repainting, although getrusage() always shows < 1ms CPU consumed per-redraw. Vs. 1.3s when model was initially uploaded into the card.
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