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Default Re: 1.0-7174 for FreeBSD i386 released

Well, I just upgraded to a geforce 6600 agp card w/ 256mb of ram. Here's a link to the actual card:

Yay! Seems to be working nicely now (using the 7174 driver on FreeBSD 5.4-stable btw). The only problem upgrading was that my old xorg.conf wouldn't work! I didn't think I'd need to change my X config.

I have an i865g based mobo, so I removed 'device agp' from my kernel a while ago (i.e. hw.nvidia.registry.NvAGP: 1). X was configured to use TwinView (1 crt, 1 dfp) but for some reason the driver couldn't 'find screens' w/ twinview enabled.

So... I had to reconfigure X to use a screen0/1 and card0/1 style dual head setup, instead of twinview. BTW, I also put 'option xinerama' into the serverflags section. AFAIK, when using twinview, the nvidia driver provides its own xinerama extensions.

Anyway, I've been using this link as a ref for dual-head setup:

Ironically, my current config resembles the ATI dual config more than the Nvidia, lol!

Unfortunately, by not using twinview I seem to have lost the ability to run accelerated 3d apps on the DFP display (which used to work w/ twinview). When I drag a 3d app (e.g. glxgears) from the CRT to the DFP the window goes black. When I drag it back, the gears continue. The card seems to be performing rather nicely otherwise. Can anyone think of a specific reason why twinview (i.e. my old xorg.conf) wouldn't work, or why 3d apps show up black on the second display (without twinview)?


I also tried the new X 'composite' extension out for the translucency & shadow effects and omg... it was broken WAY worse than my old FX5700le card. I know the 'composite' extension isn't ready for prime-time but I assume it will be one day.

Is it safe to assume that my new 6600 will (some day soon) be at least as good as my older FX5700le in this regard? Translucency effects worked somewhat w/ the FX5700le, but X goes completely haywire when using the 6600 (w/ composite enabled).

Is it fair to say that the FX portions of driver code are more 'mature' than the 6xxx portions?

Oh, yeah... thanks for providing accelerated FBSD drivers - NVIDIA rox!!!
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