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Default Re: FreeBSD+Xorg+KDE+7174 freezes if the "RenderAccel" is "true"

Maybe someone should start a new thread...

Originally Posted by SuLinUX
1. You have to compile kde themes or look around for a rpm.

3. GTK/GNOME themes can be dragged from a webpage as tar.gz and installed instantly, this is even easier than XP's lack luster theme support.
So, to summarize, GTK themes are easier to install and KDE themes are easier to customize. I know which I prefer.

2. There are no themes that even come close to the link I put above, QT cannot even do a MacOSX theme proper and even then it took agers to develope.
Eh? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Besides, Baghira worked fine and looked fairly accurate (until I customized it, that is) the last time I tried it.

Thats usability.
Please don't use that word -- it's quite vague and extremely overused. I prefer KDE over GNOME because its apps are far more customizable and contain more features.

Also, GNOME isn't exactly the holy grail of "usability." There are quite a few instances in which -- OMG! -- you have to edit text configuration files. I haven't had to do that for KDE apps in years.
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