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Default quake3 brightness


Not a frequent quake3 player, but anyway:

I have some major problem with quake3 brightness, and my monitor is one which is rather dark.

Quake3 gives me a way too dark screen such that playing is impossible! Of course, I can increase "r_gamma", but it looks like any value higher than 3 is ignored.

Moreover, xgamma is no real help.
I tried a script (comparable to my successful scripts for quakeworld and quake2) which sets xgamma -gamma 5 before the game is started and which resets gamma via "xgamma -gamma 1" after the game has been closed.

xgamma -gamma 5
doesn't help, because any change of a game level or even entering the first level (when starting a game) resets gamma to the value of "r_gamma" which is (see above) at a maximum of "3".

The only way I can play quake3 is by using one of these two methods:


launching quake3
and then switching to a text console and entering "xgamma -gamma 5"
this does help, but still the gamma value is reset as soon as a new level starts!


integrating a while loop in the game script which changes xgamma every 20 seconds or so to a higher value than 3, like:
while true ; do xgamma -gamma 5 ; done &

The second method allows for having fast enough a sufficiently bright game.

But is there no better method, command, trick?
And do others also experience a gamma before each new match?

I can live with that while loop above, but it is not an ideal solution and it increases CPU load.

Under windows, there is absolutely no problem with game brightness, since there is a tool called "powerstrip" which permits changing gamma via keyboard shortcuts while INSIDE THE GAME! Great!

Any good ideas?

nvidia driver 1.0-4191
latest quake3 version
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