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Default FSAA set to high leads to crash in Doom 3


I managed to isolate the following bug :

On a athlon XP 2500+ GF6800 128 Mo, linux 2.4.26+lowlatency, nvidia drivers 6611 or 7174 (tested both)

I'm playing the ROE expansion pack for Doom3 (v1.3).
my screen resolution is 1024*768 *24

During the intro movie there is a explosion effect with a nearly completely white frame. The video in the game will then pause and all later texture will be black IF is FSSA more than or equal to 4x. I also notice that the fps rate drops near 10 just before the crash.

Reducing the FSAA below 4x solved the problem and the frame rate stay a 25 minimum.

According to the doom3 linux developper this is most probably a driver bug.

Anybody else having this issue ?

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