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Originally posted by jnd3
Ahhh, yes, I think Volt might have forgotten a step (or my CVS build didn't do it right). I had to go into the ./wine/programs/regapi/ directory (don't forget the ./wine on the front!) and do a make to get the regapi program built. Then it worked fine.

sweet, then i know i didnt screw it up when i typed that, cuz i was browsin the folders and notices makefile in regapi so i decided to type make and see what happens. now do i need to type make install???
But after "make" i do the "./programs/regapi/regapi setValue < winedefault.reg"
right? and it should work then.

all i need to do now is get WC3 installeds and get some installshield support somehow (i found a wineX221.tar.bz2 (got it off a website) apparently i need mesa to build it, what makes it different from the CVS other then the installshield.

How do i uninstall wineX if i want to try the wineX 2.21???

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