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Originally posted by lmetza
well when there was no fonts folder it complained about not finding them, so i decided to give it a try (since they are fonts) . Looks like it didnt work. I will do what you said and try installing the corefonts? Do i need to do anything special do get them in /home/dan/.wine/c_drive/windows/fonts
BTW: I installed RTCW (no sound in SP) it asks for dcom95 to be downloaded and installed for multiplayer, i downloaded that from M$ and installed it (wine dcom95.exe) so thats setup, do i need to re-install DirectX 8.1 now? or what. Cuz during setup of RTCW when it asked for me to get DCOM95 it said to reinstall directx 8.0a after that, but isnt wineX dx8.1?

And is there a possible way of getting Installshield installers to work in this CVS version? some work around.

I never had to install fonts into wine directory. I believe it came with wine installation (I have to check). Only fonts I installed on top of Redhat fonts were corefonts.
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