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Default Re: 1.0-7174 for FreeBSD i386 released

Originally Posted by signal3
Upgrade complete!
Well, maybe I spoke too soon This little exercise has forced me to use opengl with twinview disabled and highlighted the fact that 3d performance is reasonably better when twinview is disabled

Let's see, I can either use twinview and have (comparatively) slow opengl apps on both displays or disable twinview and have fast opengl apps but only on the CRT. As they say, you've gotta borrow from Paul to pay Peter (or, er vice versa, I can never remember).

For now I'm leaning toward disabling twinview since running opengl apps on my secondary display (my DFP) isn't a priority.

To conclude, I've attached copies of the two xorg.cfg files. One has twinview enabled, the other doesn't. Each yield a similar dual-head setup (both heads @ 1280x1024) using the new (gf6600) hardware.

As usual comments, feedback, etc. is appreciated!
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