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Default Re: Help With Asus V9980 Ultra

I agree that the 50-series driver(s) work well for the nV30 series cards in general. That being said, I recall having similar issues with severe 'throttling' when using the 60-series driver on the nV30s, and if I remember, the solution was to install Rivatuner/ check box to allow overclocking of the 'low power 3D mode'/ set the 'low power 3D' core and memory clocks the same as the regular 3D clocks...
I have been using these settings on the 5800Ultra for a while, and the 61.77 driver. I went through all of the trouble because this driver (and above) are needed to run Doom3 as there is a substantial framerate increase over the 50-series driver in relation to that particular game...
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