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Default TNT2 M64 Pro drivers


I've got a TNT2 M64 Pro that I recently bought for and old computer that I'm giving away to someone, but I need to get some real nVidia drivers for it, right now it's using the icky icky Windows XP provided ones.

I downloaded the latest drivers (71.89) off the official downloads page which says they are compatible with the TNT2 M64 Pro, but when I run the setup utility it says it can't find any drivers that are relevant to my graphics card, and when I try and do it through the windows "select driver" way and point it at the directory, it can't find any better drivers either.

So, any one have any ideas or know where I can go to get some real nVidia drivers that'll work?

Also, anyone know of any reviews/benchmarks for this card that compare it to M64 (plain) and TNT plain and TNT ultra cards? I'm thinking about overclocking this one and want to get an idea of it's relative performance. Also if anyone could give me a link to an overclocking software utility that'd work on this card it'd be fantastic.
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