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Default Re: *** Official Guild Wars Thread ***

CAn anyone tell me ,when this game ends?

Not that im want that to happen , but already feel a little afraid to finish the game.. since have done a lot of missions and quest lately.. currently level 17 ,playing in Lionarch.. finished the YAKBEnds/FRost lands missions in 1 day. now playing in Kryta.not a fan of PvP ,, just the RPG role play of the game.

Have been said that even if you reach level 20 ,you still gain skill points.. however have read somewhere that here there is also a limit.

is simple words.. is there a definitive end in this game? a time where there is nothing new to see? or that u can be better that what already u are.. in the roleplay part. ? because Levels are limited to 20.. and skills points if im not mistaken to ~200-250. just like in PvP mode.

THis question ofcourse can only be answered by level20 people that have been playing at that level for a long time.
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