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Default Re: Same problem - system freeze (VIA chipset)

Originally posted by husfeldt
I have the same problem RH8 and kernel 2.4.8-18 and a new VIA chipset with AGP8 support (That is why I bought this).

When I start X the system freezes still in text mode with random characters all over - I cannot event telnet/ssh to the system after this I have to do a hard reboot.

Every thing looks fine in the XFree log even with debug level 5 nothing seems wrong.
I am sure I am using the right RPMs for my kernel, and I am sure that my XConfig is also rightt removed the "GLcore" and also "glx" and changed driver to "nvidia"..
It looks like there is a problem with VIA chipset and all/some GForce cards..
I have a TI-42000 (with AGP8 support).
Have you tried dropping back to AGP4x in your BIOS? And I'm assuming it's a typo that you removed "glx" from your XF86Config file (it should be "dri" that's removed..."glx" needs to be in there). What resolution are you trying to use?

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