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Originally Posted by _fLaK_mOnKeY_
He's the second guy from the bottom you have to kill, name is Herod, and yea its pretty funny when all thems little apprentices show up to 'avenge' him. Unfortunately everyone else I grouped with was 36 or lower so even tho I AoEd a good majority of them, I went down in blaze of fire(literally). We were still able to get the good drops tho, and knocked out a part of the quest all the same, so it didn't matter. Armor costs was a small price to pay for a good group in a very difficult instance.

EDIT: On a side note, it was pretty funny watchin the air guitar skeletons in RFD. To my surprise he wasn't that hard to take down . . . lich at the end was a bitch tho.
Thats part 3 right? Where the 50 million level 30's attack you. :P
He is in the first door on the right. Even with my lvl 60 warrior he can be tough sololing him. I use all my usual talents on him then when he goes into rage mode, I steal his weapon and his rage is useless. He goes down with just under half of my health every time. When his lackies come running down I pop a health pot and use whirl wind which takes out about 7 of them real quick then cleave a few more then whirl wind is ready again and the rest fall. It took me about 6 times to figure out the routine but it hasn't failed since I got it down. Easy money except when he doesn't drop a blue. I hate going back there and only getting a green drop. Pisses me off.

The second door on the left is also easy but it take so long to clear out the santuary. The only good thing is you only have to fight about 5 before you get to the sanctuary.
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