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Originally posted by newux
The error is in the initialization of the kernel module. Well, it still doesn't load at startup. Is there a way to load it automatically at the startup?
If I interpret my XF86Config file correctly, the nvidia.o kernel module is loaded by the X Server itself upon start, here's what I found in a commented section of my XF86Config file :

The Driver line must be present. When using run-time loadable driver modules, this line instructs the server to load the specified driver module. Even when not using loadable driver modules, this line indicates which driver should interpret the information in this section.
Save bwkaz's notice about the ServerLayout section, and not including the modifications I suggested either, I really can't find any other significant difference between our two files.

You can also try to leave out only one resolution in the "Display" subsection.

If everything else fails, you can always try to use my own XF86Config, making sure you adapt the monitor's horizontal & vertical refresh range and the VideoRam option in the "Device" section to match your own setup, of course.
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