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Default Re: NCsoft Hires World of WarCraft Team

Originally Posted by Elderblaze
Before Vivendi they where owned by some other huge coperation.. might have been Universal, I don't remember. It had no effect on their work, kinda silly to assume it does now.
Why the hell do you think Bill Roper left in the first place? Blizzard has already lost 3 major groups of developers who have gone on to form Flagship Studios, ArenaNet, and I forgot the other [they were making a platforming game for the consoles]. I don't know about the other two, but the team from Flagship left Blizzard specifically because they didn't like how Vivendi was running things. And now even more people it seems have left for NCSoft. The Blizzard that made Diablo 2/Starcraft is completely dead these days. D2/SC fanboys can go home now.
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