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Oh, that's not my car. One of my buddies has one that's lime green. He was around 20 when he bought this and the insurance company had a field day with it.

"D-Did you say 1992 Dodge Daytona IROC RT Turbo and you're 20 years old?!? Oh, that'll be $2,400 every three months, please!"

8 years later and he still has it. Went through one engine allready, which took a LONG time because they were back ordered. The replacement engine had a turbo leak. So, it's not as mean as it used to be. However, in it's salad days, the only car that beat it was.........a stock '93 LeBaron. And it beat him badly!!

My friend that owned the LeBaron seriously believed that his car was one of those "mistakes" the inmates in the asylum at Chrysler made and it was never intended it to be put on the lot. They couldn't track it down before it was sold, though. Sadly, his wife wrecked it much to Chrysler's delight. It could've been fixed but the insurance company was somehow "convinced" that it was totalled, paid my friend off, and the LeBaron quickly disappeared.
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