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Default Re: *** Official Guild Wars Thread ***

Originally Posted by ENU291
I never understood people that pick wierd classes like Warrior/Elementalist and complain about not having huge energy reserves... When have you even seen a warrior casting massive spell, hexes etc?? What I have noticed is if you pick a class with low energy reserves but concentrate on building you skills (i.e. Ranger-Expertise) the amount of energy required to cast your spells etc. are reduced. Anyway this game is rediculously addicting. I'm lovin every minute of it!!

Thats the reason.. why i picked WArrior/ME .
Mesmer have lots of very good spells and magic that only cost 5 of energy. even monks needs more energy than mesmer in their spells..
HOwever somewhat i regret not chosing MOnk as my second profession.. they are badly needed in many missions quest.. even if u use them as second.

My character W/Me focus is mostly offense not defense.. so its heavily depends to have Monks around them. planning to make a second character MOnk as primary.. because so many quest and mission could not be done without them.. and people usually wait half an hour or more until they find them.

a side note..

Anyone here knows where i can buy the Signet of capture?

I already got one from a quest in LIonsARch.. but can be used only one time per captured skill. and he doesnt give you more of those. heard that u need to buy the signets of capture from skill trainers later in the game. but dont know where.

Any info appreciated.
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