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Ok...let me try and get everything together:

This is the monitor title on the laptop: Dell UltraSharp 15" TFT Enhanced UXGA with a believed max of 60Hz but not certain, and a believed res of 1600x1200x? (information on the monitor seems almost impossible to find)

The video card is a Quadro 4 500 GoGL capable of a maxinum output of 1600x1200x32 and a max of 85Hz.

Video memory is 64MBs

I'll post the full config and log file in the next post.


I have gotten the system to load in 1600x1200x16 however it has the same problem exiting X-Windows as did the old default of 800x600x16 that was previously in use on the system.

Its acting almost as if the graphics mode isn't getting reset to the its graphical SuSe terminal mode when exiting XWin.
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