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Default DamnSmall Linux.

Here's the story:
I found an old laptop at work ( umax ) it's screen's got a fault causing thin lines to appear on it most of the time. The memory is obviously faulty because it reports only 59MB at boot!!, at boot time it failed, saying no OS. Processor is AMD something, about 500mhz.

Enter Damn Small Linux.
I booted a live cd of DSL 1.1 and it was fine and loaded it's X desktop. I checked the hard disk and found the partition table was screwed. At this point no one in the office wanted the laptop, it was now mine!

Obviouly this isn't going to play Doom3 but I'm sure I can put it to use.

I did a HD install of DSL 1.1 and it was fine, the disk turned out to be almost 6gig.

Next I thought okay, lets set up a simple web site and use it as a web server, done. Next I got samba installed and working so I can store mp3's on it, done.
Okay, now how about storing my Doom3 sdk source code on it and setting up a cvs I can access from my main home machine and from work. Done.

Okay now the biggy, can I install gcc and see if I can actually build the for Doom3 from the sdk on this machine.
Whilst doing this I'm listening to mp3's using XMMs from the DSL install.

I downloaded and did dpkg -i for the following ( this was a first for me, normally I use .tar files or rpm's because I mainly work on SuSE ):

I got the contents of usr/include/GL from the Nvidia driver for linux and put it into /usr/include/GL

The result - in less then 12 hours, a dead laptop - revived and capable of useful things - playing music, surfing the web(Firefox 1.0.4), cvs server, web server(apache2), P2P file sharing(giFT+OpenFT+gnutella), local file server(Samba)

Test pages from this very laptop here:

As a small footnote, the day before I got QEMU for Windows and the DSL1.1.iso onto my usb key(128mb key with over 60mb still free space) now I can plug in my USB key into any windows machine(1.5ghz or better) and run DSL from the key, without rebooting!
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