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Default VIA Custom DOOM 3 Benchmarking Multiplayer Map

Edit: You need the map also. I forgot to list that link. The map is 5 meg. The demo is 41 meg.

As the name of this map suggests, its primary purpose is to serve as a high end performance system benchmark application using the DOOM 3 engine. Supplied with the zip file is a default demo that can be used to perform a benchmark test. Instructions to run the timedemo test are shown below and are also available in the read me file included in the zip file.


The aim of this map was to make todayís gaming systems break a sweat, though I have used vis portals wherever possible to help eliminate overdraw and optimize rendering speeds as much as possible and these made a huge difference, effectively allowing for more detail and lighting. Despite cramming so much in there, however, Iím pretty impressed with how well a top of the line system can run it. To me that says a lot about just how smooth DOOM 3 rendering engine really is. Our initial tests have shown a remarkable difference in performance between systems equipped with a 256 MB video card as opposed to a 128 MB video card. Itís all relative though, which is how it should be. Based upon our initial findings, if your system can push out over 30 FPS using the viavga_d3_bench demo (at the time of release), then youíre doing very well. The graph below demonstrates how our test systems faired, including comparisons to performance in the default single player demo.

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