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Default Re: BF2: Impressions Here!

just put a few hours in playing it, only took 3 hours to download via torrent.

It's pretty fun, more like bf1942 than vietnam, which is a good thing to me.

The classes are all pretty good, i like playing as a spec ops, you get a nice silenced pistol and some det packs. Sniping is also pretty fun, the massive maps and huge view distance make it fun like sniping in far cry was.

Vehicles are great, the choppers take some practise tho, very hard to control initially.

It has a nice radio interface, the controls are pretty responsive too. Although the mouse precision is a bit crappy, it seems to move 10 pixels at a time. Even on minimum sensitivity. :/

Graphics wise it's pretty sharp, and with the specs in my sig i can run it smoothly at 1600x1200 4xAA all settings on high. You do have to restart after changing graphics settings tho.

The sounds are ok, about standard fare really. Don't be tempted to enable hardware sound tho, it lagged me up something horrible, making the game play like bf:vietnam.

I only have 3 real complaints about it so far. First off, everytime you run it you have to watch the stupid intro videos and waste a minute. Considering you have to restart for settings to change that's a really sucky thing.

Then there's the lack of team balancing, which means some games turn into very unfair matches, 16 v 10 etc.

But the biggest one, by far, is the memory usage. This game uses a whole gigabyte of ram to itself, my peak commit charge was 1.3GB. when i quit the game it drops down to just below 300MB. I really can't see where all the ram usage comes from. But it does make the game lag a lot when you first load a map, you have to look all around to get it to load all the data back into main ram. This is my biggest issue with the demo so far.

All said tho, it's a great game and a good demo, the time limit is a pain, but i guess they want us all to buy the full game.

edit: there's your memory usage info, one minute after you asked for it, hehe.

oh also, regarding shadow bugs, i tried with 77.13 and there were shadow problems, installing the included 77.30 fixed them.
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