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Default Re: Nvidia 6800GT SLI investigation

Originally Posted by radekhulan
Does your SLI work in Doom 3 with two 6800GTs?

According to many tests, SLI should work great with Doom 3, giving you 60-70% more FPS, but not in my case. While I get 10.000 points in 3DMark05, and while SLI works ok in 3DMark03, AquaMark3, Half Life 2, there is 0% gain in Doom 3. Very strange.

I tried different ForceWare drivers, diferent nForce4 drivers, reinstalling Doom 3, but to no avail. The only thing that helped was trying WinXP 64bits, but I cannot keep those, as I do not have 64bit drivers for most of my nonGPU components.

Any hints for Doom 3 under WinXP SP2?
Do you have vsynch turned on? If so, try it with it off?
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