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Default annoying search spam protection...

i don't know if it would be possible, but just about every search string i do i get no results the first time, then i have to change my search string etc. the thing that says "you must wait 60 seconds after searching again" is certainly legit, and has a good purpose for being there. the problem is, however, you have to wait a minute inbetween each search string, which makes complicated searches very difficult, especially since the search engine for vbulletin sucks so bad.

my suggestion is to allow you to make X amount of consecutive searches before applying the throttle of waiting every 60 seconds for a new search. as for what X should be, i would probably suggest either 3 or 5, but anything >1 will be great, lol. further steps can also be taken to make it less vulnerable to abuse, such as letting it throttle X amount of times, then temporarily ban you for an hour or day or whatever from the search function after getting too many search attempts. throttles shouldn't happen if this was implemented, making that less suseptable to false alarms, but maybe *shrugs*
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