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Default Re: BF2: Impressions/Questions

Originally Posted by Riptide

Check out that thread.

Anyone know how to get it to let you map numlock8 for forward? It gives me an error when I try that. Oh, and it hangs when I go to create an internet account. Or rather it doesn't freeze it just never creates the account. Sits and sits...

First off there isn't a buddy system in this game. LOL

Secondly, it does hang when you create an account but it created a account for me any way. I just ctrl/alt/del and restarted the game then retrieved my account and all was good.

The more I play this game the more I like it. The TV missles are so DAMN cool. I haven't plugged my joystick in yet so I just sit in the co-pilot's seat. I do love the fact that we can shoot out the windows of the APC's, that is a great feature.

My two favorite classes are the Support and Spec-ops. I love laying down cover fire while my team rushes to higher ground. Spec-ops are great because of the C4.LOL it is a blast blowing up communications, artilery and various vehicles that can't think fast enough to just get out of the area. LOL!
People still use tanks and APC's to charge, that is dumb. You use them at a distance to clear the area for the troops and insert troops near the target adn not at the target.

Anyway you can see I love this back to the grind.
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