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Default Re: BF2: Impressions/Questions

Originally Posted by BioHazZarD
If you want to play without time limitations search this file "" and open with notepad and find the line that says:

host.registerHandler('TimeLimitReached', onTimeLimitReached, 1)

put a # infront of it so it says now:

#host.registerHandler('TimeLimitReached', onTimeLimitReached, 1)

save and enjoy i tryied SP and it worked there so maybe MP will work too

As for my impressions .. the gameplay is definitely great IMO .. graphics are decent & colorfull.
performance isnt good as many said before me. also i noticed that shell shock cause framerate slowdowns on my SLI rig , any others get this?
i'm playing@1280x960,4xAA,8xAF(HQ) & barely satisfied with the performance.

2 questions .. sorry i'm too lazy to check back the previous pages :
1-wheres the insane settings ? are they reseverd for the full ver?
2-How do you get the X-Fi sound feature to work ?

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