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Default Re: *** Official Guild Wars Thread ***

Originally Posted by -=DVS=-
Well your mistake noone said it will be EverQuest like game with years of xp grinding... it is moustly online PvP with story and RPG . Once you do that , either play different toon or PvP and play with guilds anyways your not screwd you don't have to pay monthly fees and they will release Expansions.


This is my first MMORPG/corpg game.. never thought i will ever be playing one. have near 4 weeks playing this game.. and still dont see the end. it will be Far nicer ofcourse if the game were years of exploring ,but that will be too much to ask for a free online playing mmorpg game. future mission packs will make the game closer to the levels of most popular online rpg games.i hope Guildwars sucess is good enough to make future mmorpg developers to follow the same formula. free online with optional buyable expansions packs .Really looking forward for any mission pack(s) from this game. The only disadvantage of Guildwars now is that is taking all my free time .. not playing my other favorites games

Btw.. DVS or any other..
Im looking for a sword.. but dont know its name. im collecting nice looking weapons.. specially swords..

have already Long,fellblades,flamblade,fierydragon,crystaline,s patha,falchion,butterfly..crude.. etc..

but there is one that will love to get.. but never seen anyone selling it , perhaps because dont know even its name. is the one that is displayed in the Prima guide book in the left corner of every page. that is red at one side. can anyone help me here?

Have been searching diferents Guildwars fansites ,but none have a complete list of all the weapons that exist in the game.

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